Strong Running Preparation Program

Strong, the winter training program

Strengthening at the heart of training.


Strong Running Preparation Program

Program description

This preparation is for all athletes who have a goal (weight loss, competition or fitness), from beginners to experienced running.

Whether you want to prepare for your next season or simply practice your favorite discipline, this program is for you!

Muscular strengthening is at the heart of the program It is accompanied by more specific sessions whose objective is to improve all technical aspects.

Physical preparation and muscular reinforcement Gutaï Winter 2020

Strong Running

Example of week 1/4


Presentation of the sessions

This preparation program is divided into
in 3 to 6 sessions, or 6 to 15 hours per week.

It consists of two phases :

  • Phase 1 : 4 weeks of muscle strengthening with drills (technique). This first part is designed to prepare your body for specific efforts.
  • Phase 2 : 4 weeks of integrated muscle strengthening. While practicing your activity, you will develop your strength capacities.


Your training in a few words

Strengthening pictogram

Strengthening muscles

Thanks to the Strong program, you will gain muscular strength, so you can practice your favorite sport safely.

Pictogram of technical work

Technical work

The Strong program will help you gain economy through better technique.

Pictogram of the work tempo

HIT * Sessions

You will do high intensity sessions to improve your Vo2max.

* HIT : (high intensity training)

Man running from the front
Pictogram nutrition


Receive nutritional advice before, during and after each session.

Pictogram of the sessions

3 to 6 sessions/week

Strong is a program that integrates optimal effort periodization with performance development..

Duration pictogram

6 to 15 hours/week

The program effectively alternates strengthening sessions, technical sessions and HIT sessions.


They liked the Strong program

“I had the chance to do this program last winter. Simple and effective before a more specific preparation”

Marc R.

Executive, KPMG France

“In this very cold period in Lyon, Strong allowed me to optimize my time while preparing my body for the upcoming events. In 2020, I felt stronger on foot that is undeniable”

Alexandre L.

Contractor, Lyon

“What’s great about Gutai is the fun programs you offer. Or how to progress while having fun.”

Olivier O.

Storekeeper, France