Cycling Program: Improve Velocity

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Cycling training program

Program description

This preparation is for all athletes who want to take their cycling training to the next level.

The Velocity in cycling is an essential quality to reach high performance levels. It allows to improve the mechanical efficiency and thus the economy of the pedaling gesture. Power is nothing without velocity.

The special Velocity by Gutai Innovation sessions are at the heart of this program.

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Veloce, Cycling

Example of week 2/8

Veloce: The cycling program

Presentation of the sessions

This preparation program is broken down into 4 to 7 sessions, or 8 to 10 hours per week.

It consists of 8 weeks :

  • One week of tests in order to determine your physiological or technical state at the moment
  • 6 to 8 weeks of velocity development with 3 weekly sessions
  • One week of active regeneration to trigger adaptive processes

What makes Veloce, the cycling training program, different

Your training in a few words

Periodization pictogram

Innovative Periodization

Based on the Gutaï Innovation concept, Veloce perfectly harmonizes the subtle balance between technical pedaling work, intensity and recovery/adaptation.

Pictogram of technical work


The solicitation of the autonomic nervous system is balanced in order to create a quick and efficient adaptation of an effective gesture.

Pictogram of the work tempo

Hypervelocity sessions

3 tailored sessions per week using an exclusive Gutaï innovation.

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Pictogram nutrition


Daily nutrition tips before, during and after the session to optimize each exercise.

Pictogram of the sessions

3 to 6 sessions/week

Veloce is a program that integrates optimal periodization of effort with performance development.

Duration pictogram

6 to 10 hours/week

The program effectively alternates recovery sessions, intensity sessions and technique.


They liked the Veloce program

“An excellent program to improve your pedal stroke”.

Damien B.

Student, Tours

“As a beginner in cycling, I was looking for a program to start serenely with a good foundation. Gutaï offers many cycling programs. Veloce is ideal for understanding pedaling technique.”

Marie F.

Waitress, Strasbourg

“I hated HT before I knew about Gutai and this Veloce program. It got me through the November lockdown with a fun and effective training program.”

Audrey V.

Bailiff, Clermont Ferrand